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Formation of Dog Clubs


This guide has been prepared as an aid and guide to assist your group in forming your club. Clubs will prepare their own Constitution and By-laws and submit them to Dog Registry of America for approval. Member clubs must receive approval for their bylaws, and any amendments, before they can become effective. To submit your clubs by laws, ethics, constitution and event rules and standards, send two copies with original signatures to the DRA for approval along with a $125.00 application fee.


DRA will sanction clubs, their events and shows, established by serious and dedicated dog owners, throughout the United States. Interested people will form their clubs, vote on officers, write their by-laws set their own standards, show, and judging criteria and submit them to the DRA for approval. Clubs may be All Breed, Breed Specific (Boxer Club for Boxers only),Working Dog Club, Companion Dog Club, Service Dog Club etc. or a combination. Events can be held for conformation, hunting tests, lure coursing tests and trials, herding tests and trials, obedience trials, field trials, coonhound events, tracking tests, sled and weight etc.

To be sanctioned a club must include the following as part of its charter or by-laws.

Each club is an independent organization that will operate under the lawful regulations of the state and jurisdiction they are in. No club or club member shall represent in any way that they are officials of, or part of the governing board, or official representatives, or are acting on the behalf or set policies of the DRA. This club will hold harmless the DRA, its officers and representatives from any action arising out of the clubs operation, events functions and financial activities. All dogs of club members and dogs entered in club events must be registered with the DRA. Dogs earning points, titles, and awards at sanctioned club events will have said points, titles, and awards added to their DRA registration records and will be accrued toward DRA titles. All events will be open to DRA registered dogs meeting the local clubs event criteria whether or not they are a member of the local club so long as they are in good standing with the local club and the DRA. Examples (An All Breed club in California must allow the entry of a dog from New York into an event held by the California club. A Boxer club in California must allow the entry of a Boxer from New York into an event held by the California club but can prohibit a Cocker Spaniel from entering.) Any sanctioned club knowingly permitting, sanctioning, selling, leasing, vending, donating any dog for the purpose of or being involved in any way directly or indirectly with the fighting of any dogs as an event, pastime, hobby vocation or the use of any animal in the training of a dog for fighting will immediately lose its sanctioned status and be subject to any additional penalties, fines and actions that the DRA sees fit to asses. In addition all members of the club participating in such actions will be expelled from the DRA and their dogs registration and all litter registrations will be permanently canceled and no fees will be returned. Such members will also be subject to any additional penalties, fines and actions that the DRA sees fit to asses.

In the event that the DRA finds it necessary to amend its rules, regulations or requirements for club sanctioning the local club will adopt such changes.

Naming a Club: The club can be named after a town, or can be a number, or after a famous person (preferably a person who has a connection with the animal world), or after a animal. The name must be approved by the club membership and filed with the DRA.

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