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Protect Your Pet!

Your first line of defense against pet loss

An ID Tag on the collar is the first thing that anyone finding a dog will check for. It makes for the fastest return of your pet.

Microchips are great if; the dog has no collar, is captured by animal control or brought a shelter that has a matching scanner (as there are different companies that make the chips). Other than those instances it is almost useless.

Our ID Tag gives EVERY finder the way to get your dog home!

$30.00 to insure peace of mind
knowing you have protected your pet
using the best first line of defense against pet loss

  • stainless steel engraved tag
  • with "S" hook
  • 2 years protection
  • "Steps to Take To Finding Your Lost Pet"

    You will receive a stainless steel tag with "S" hook which has a Toll Free Contact EMERGENCY HOTLINE engraved on it and a unique serial number. You will also receive "Steps To Take To finding Your Lost Pet" guide containing information of how to immediately start the process of finding your pet.
The information on the tag can help reunite you with your pet in the event that it is lost.

The tag includes a toll-free number that someone finding your pet can call


1. Toll Free Contact EMERGENCY HOTLINE

2. Tag with engraved unique serial number

your identification remains anonymous;
your personal information cannot be learned
and remains private until you contact the person or agency who has your dog.


Your pet will be identified to us by this number but none of your personal information will be given to anyone reporting they have found the pet.

DRA will contact you at your telephone number and email address to give you the finders contact information.

DRA Pet Recovery Service with ID Tag 2 year enrollment Regularly $30.00

Only $10.00 per dog when ordered with single dog registration!

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