Lost Pet Report

This form is only for use by active members in the Dog Registry Of America Lost Pet Recovery Program™

If you are not a member and have lost a pet please contact us at help@dogpapers.net

Please fill out this report as best you can.


We understand that right now you are very upset and stressed however the best thing you can do right now is focus on taking the first steps to recovering your pet. Please take your time, concentrate and fill out this form as best you can. Review it before hitting the submit button to make sure you have entered all the information correctly. Errors in contact information will only result in a longer separation.



Email us a current photo of your dog


Via E Mail

Do this after you fill out this report

Email us at lostdog@dogpapers.net

include your name address phone # and your dogs name. Add as an attachment 2 jpeg images of your dog name them "my dogs name" side.jpeg & "my dogs name" head.jpeg

Example: If your dog is named BUNKY name jpegs bunkyside.jpeg & bunkyhead.jpeg


Your dog's REGISTRATION NUMBER as it appears on its registration certificate

Your dog's ID TAG # This can be found by our address, at the bottom center of your certificate


Dog's Name : required

Breed: required

Color : required

Sex: required

Date Of Birth: Please use this format MM/DD/YYYY EXAMPLE (O1/01/2002)

In the box below fill in where & when the dog was lost, and any information that may help find your dog.

examples( any distinctive markings, heath problems, medications, collar color & type, reward etc.)


Owner Information: your information

First name of Owner OR Owner& Co Owner: required (Example John or John & Mary )

Last name of Owner OR Owner & Co Owner: required (Example Smith or Smith & Jones )

Address Including APT or LOT#: required

City : required

State: required

Zip: required

Area Code: required

Phone No : required

Additional Phone No

For Security Purposes Re-Enter Your E-Mail: required



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