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Pedigree Blanks Item # DRABPF

Give your clients their puppy's family tree. This 81/2"x11" Parchment style certificate contains spaces for breed, date of birth, sire and dam, grand sire and grand dam, great grand sire and great grand dam, breeder. Personalized Forms also available call for price quote

$1.00 each minimum 15 sets $15.00

New Puppy Owner Care Form Item # DRANPF

Show you care and protect your puppy's health.

Give the new puppy owner this care sheet. Form contains boxes for breed, sire and dam, date of birth, identification number, weight and dates. Spaces for type of food, quantities, number of times a day. Anti- stress instructions, special care, grooming, vaccination and worming records and more. Personalized Forms also available

$1.00 each minimum 15 sets $15.00

Register Your Kennel Name

Register you kennel name with the Dog Registry of America, Inc.™ and receive these benefits. Lifetime Registration, your kennel name is reserved for your use only, no duplicates, no confusion. Kennel name printed on all single dog registration forms for all registered litters. Dog name privileges: you can have the name of all dogs and puppies you sell start with your kennel name (example: Kennel Name is Bel-Water Kennels, dog is named Bel-Water's Fudge) Certificate suitable for framing.

Lifetime Kennel Name Registration only $75.00.

"DO IT RIGHT" - Dog Psychology And Basic Training Manual

An informative manual explaining the basics of dog psychology, training, interaction and family adjustment. A necessity for the caring dog owner. Learn what to do and why for a better trained dog and happier family. Secrets revealed: The pack mentality and dominance... page 3. What's wrong with my new puppy he was fine at the breeder?...page 12. Socialization and training when to start...page 17. Hey this dogs not housebroken!...page 23. Automobile and travel tips... page 43. Learn from the experts. Over 50 years experience distilled into an easy to follow manual Item # DRAPB101 $19.99

"FUN WITH FIDO" (Newest Book - Just Released) A Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Dog.

Maximize your dog's companionship. Tips on Vacationing, Camping, Boating, Playing Frisbee & other activities with your dog. Automobile & Airline Travel, Moving to a New Home, Choosing a Veterinarian, What To Do If Your Dog Gets Lost & lots more.

Item # DRAPB201 $18.99

World Wide Web Services

Advertise Your Kennel or Litter. Promote your kennel, puppies, product, service, or business on the DRA World Wide Web Site. Even if you don't have a computer or know absolutely nothing about computers or the internet you can be exposed to internet surfers 24 hours a day seven days a week at the DRA web site. Now you can reach customers world wide. Web surfers visiting the DRA web site are interested in dogs, dog products, and services. An audience tailor made for the breeder, kennel, manufacturer or reseller. Take advantage of the largest sales boom in history. Join the future now. Join us on the DRA World Wide Web Site. Use this application to place your ad. For more information: 1 (516) 826-8703 ask for web services

LIST YOUR LITTER for 3 month listing check the box on the back of the litter application and send $25.00 additional with the litter application and $25.00 fee (Total $50.00). Listing will appear as below.

Litter #








German Shepherd



Steve Jones

555 555-5555


Classified Ad: Promote your kennel, puppies, product, or business up to 50 words (telephone number counts as 1 word). 1 Year prepaid $125.00 6 months $80.00 3 Months $65.00. Contact us by E-mail, with your Name, address and phone number and your 50 word ad. We will review it and contact you Via E-Mail to place the ad. or Order Online Here

OR print your ad on a separate sheet and and send with payment.

Business Web Site Link: Annual Fee $120.00 + return link promote your web site for only $10.00 per month. We will place your link on our site in the DRA breeder area and on the upcoming Hot Links page . Contact us by E-mail, with your web site address (URL) and E-mail address. We will view your site for approval and contact you to arrange for your link. Link includes short description of your site. (Sample Link:Wild Thingz Unique gifts for the pet lover from Akitas to Zebras). DRA reserves the right to inspect and review all sites listed for content and may terminate link without refund at its own discretion.

DISPLAY AND PHOTO ADS: Mini Web Page almost like having your own web page. 1 Year prepaid $200.00. You supply the Html and Jpg via E-Mail includes Domain name ( dogpapers.net/yourbusiness ),link to your web page and E-mail Link. Contact us by E-mail, with your Name, address and phone number to make arrangements. Don't know html? We can help for an additional charge.

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