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Do It Right! Training Manuals

Now Available in book form or Emailed to you as a pdf!

The best selling training and informational manuals in the "Do IT Right" series.
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{Dog Psychology & Basic Training Manual}
Dog Psychology And Basic Training Manual An informative manual explaining the basics of dog psychology, training, interaction and family adjustment. A necessity for the caring dog owner. Learn what to do and why for a better trained dog and happier family.

DO IT RIGHT Series- "Small Breed Training Secrets"
{Train the Hard-to-Train Small Dog}
Housebreaking and Training Secrets specifically for the small dog owner.

DO IT RIGHT Series - "Fun With Fido"
{How To Hang Out & Have Fun With Your Dog}

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Why Register With Dog Registry of America™ ?

Tired of registration & documentation hassles?
Starting your own blood line?
Lost or never had papers?
Developing new breeds?
Breed not recognized?
DRA™ Registers all dogs.

DRA Registers
all Purebred dogs, Rare and Exotic breeds, Designer Dogs, Hybrids and Unrecognized Breeds

For many years the DRA has recognized breeds the following breeds (plus many more) as Pure Bred.

American Bulldog

Border Collie

Dutch Shepherd

Jack Russell Terrier

Neapolitan Mastiff

Rat Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier


Other Kennel Clubs require you to have your breeding dogs DNA tested and certified by them at YOUR Expense! ...we don't!

Benefits, Features and Services of the Dog Registry of America, Inc
Lifetime Registration

Register once for the life of your dog. NO Membership fees or annual dues.

Parchment Style Registration Certificate

Deluxe 8 1/2" x 11" Parchment Style Registration Certificate with Gold Seal. Suitable for Framing

Outstanding Customer Service

Toll Free 800 Phone Number to order registration and litter applications
Talk to staff live with our local phone number 1 (516) 942-4395

One Time Paper Work

Registering litters is vital to assure accurate genealogical records. Registering the litter could not be easier. You only fill out one form for the entire litter. You receive printed registration forms (one for each pup) to give to your customer. Registering litters not only shows professionalism, but also assures accurate genealogy, pedigrees and tracking of bloodlines.

Simplified Record Keeping!

Listings of all your registered dogs and puppies are available from DRA anytime you need them. We maintain the records for YOU. Registration numbers, litter numbers and dates of birth are available from DRA for updating your records or if they are lost or destroyed.

Breeder Number

Unique Breeder Number for faster response to your inquires and requests.

No Social Security Number Required

Some clubs require YOUR social security number and your puppy purchasers social security number on all applications DRA does NOT. You keep your privacy!!


Add value to your sales with professional documents.


Available after 2 generations are registered.

No Time Limit on Registration

You are not limited to a time period to register a dog. You can register your dog at anytime.

Breeder Referrals

Breeders who register litters are automatically added to our breeder referral lists at no charge to the breeder. DRA makes this list of breeders of dogs available to consumers calling DRA hot-line looking for a dog

Record Keeping Forms and Personalized Sales Aids Available (Not required) for your use.

Medical and vaccination forms, feeding and care sheets, breed information sheets, all of which can be personalized for you own use.

Local Clubs Now Forming!

Form your own local DRA sanctioned dog club. hold events and shows expand the horizons of your love of dogs. The DRA will sanction your new club.

Tell Me More!

Register Your Bloodline or Kennel Name

Register your Bloodline or Kennel name with the DOG REGISTRY OF AMERICA, Inc™ and receive these benefits:
Lifetime Registration, your kennel name is reserved for your use only, no duplicates, no confusion.
Bloodline or Kennel name printed on all single dog registration forms for all registered litters.
Dog name privileges:
you can have the name of all dogs and puppies you sell start with your Bloodline or Kennel name
Bloodline is Santaclara, dog is named Santaclara Redboy or Redboy of Santaclara: or Kennel Name is Bel-Water Kennels, dog is named Bel-Water's Fudge)
Certificate suitable for framing.

Lifetime Kennel Name Registration $80.00

Register Here!



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